Most underrated female recording artists..

I'm always looking for female singers who make my 2 channel system seem worthwhile for all l have spent...the list includes Nora Jones, Diana Krall , Sade and many others.... there are some fabulous singers out there but not recorded very well...lm adding Bonnie Raitt to my top list..The Bonnie Raitt collection red book cd...tracks 16 and 17 are spectacular on my system...  I'f anyone could add a suggestion it would be appreciated..


I would suggest Iris Dement and Maria Muldaur's album the " Love Songs of Bob Dylan" which is a  wonderful recording- not necessarily for stunning  vocals chops but for her interpretations of such amazing songs and more often than not making them much better that the original.

I too think this is a great thread. One of the main reasons I follow Audiogon is for artist recommendations and this thread is a corker(English for really really good) I have already ordered some CD, having listened to a number of singers on YouTube.

My own penny, sorry domes worth:

Jonatha Brooke: A great voice and self penned songs.

Judith Owen: A welsh artist, Jazz/SingerSongwriter

Kate Rusby  ) Two of the best English folk artists around at the moment

Cara Dillon   )  "    "    "  

I hope you enjoy.

I will be unpacking this thread for some time to come thank you all for your wonderful insight.

Laura Marling's latest solo offering "Song for our Daughter" for the folkies out there.


One more for the list...

Diana Panton's "Blue" Will Have You Feel Anything But

== From the review above

"Have you ever had one of those moments where you were just settling into you chair, just about all set to start listening to music. You’ve hit the play button on your CD player, but you’re still a moment or two from being truly situated and focused. All of a sudden, the first words and notes are sung and played, and you jerk your head up, stop what you’re doing, and shoot your eyes straight to the space between your speakers -- because what you just heard is recorded so well and the vocals so pure and lifelike that you forget finishing settling in and just stop and listen.

That’s what happened to me just now when I cued up the new CD from Diana Panton, “Blue.”

I confess, I had not heard Diana before this album and was instantly blown away by her beautiful voice and singing style. This has only happened to me twice before, once with Eva Cassidy and the other with Julie London."

This album is not just a one-off recording of songs that conjure up the emotions of love lost. Instead, as I found out, it is the culmination of a three-album journey of love deliberately spaced out over more than a decade by Ms. Panton to reflect the different stages of a relationship. The first album, “Pink” suggests the infatuation of first-time love, while “Red” reflects the passion of true love.

For me, the thought of purposely planning this sort of story over a span time to reflect the lifetime of a relationship reflects genius of an artist committed to her craft, and of making music that means something more than just a collection of songs.

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Here is more on Diana....
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