mouse isolation tweak???????

Have been curious about trying this...has anyone gained an advantage with using mouse pads? thanks Chad
Wait till they melt to your gear.....

Also, it should be really good for the equipment to hold in extra heat!
Just for the record I was talking about cutting them into small peices for under the feet of gear.
i went to the dollar store and found those gel type heel pads cheap... out of curiosity i bought enough to stack four high {12} to be used on a three point plane under my cdp and low and behold my jaw hit the freeking floor...still in use two years later ..highly recommend for a cheap tweak.. the material{gel} works nicely in the horizonal and vertical plane of movement.. it almost seems the cdp floats...
Actually, the way I intended to use a mousepad might result in exactly the scenario Elevick warns against, heheh. Thanks for reality check!