Move From AVR to Integrated?

I know this topic gets thrown around a lot, but I recently bought a pair of Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1s I love and a Hsu VTF2 MK5 subwoofer. Right now, I'm using a Denon AVR-X2600H to power them. 

I hear a lot of chatter that I'm not getting the most out of my speakers using the AVR. The drawback is my room is not treated, and I like having the bass management. 

It seems difficult to find an integrated with 100wpc+, ability to stream things like Tidal, that also has ability to at least EQ the low bass, and have the ability to connect to digital sources like a PS4/5. I do like the idea of a better built power source, and I will never go past 2.1 or 2.2. Most of what I do is music and TV. 

Any suggestions? Ideally I'd like to stay under 1200. 
@fuzztone I don't think there's a need to be condescending. I thought the AVR was not a cheap investment. They don't manufacture many products that have ability to use hdmi audio, stream, offer some correction, etc. In 2 channel varieties. If everyone here is able to have a dedicated listening space, treat the room, have multiple subs for more even response, then yes, maybe I am in the wrong place. I'm just looking to know more not be difficult. 
I have seen the  Parasound Halo Integrated amp @160wpc selling used for $1200-1400.00. Brand new it sold for $2500.00.  That should drive your speakers quite nicely.    I had one in 2016-2017 and it was an excellent integrated.  It took a much more expensive McIntosh integrated to better it.  It also has a sub output with adjustable crossover for seamless integration. 
@coolhandduke honestly, just keep your receiver. You’re going to get advice from a very strange group here, like people telling you a speaker is no good because of the sensitivity rating... You can try pre-outs to an external amp but for the investment, I don’t think you’re going to hear much difference. That’s a sacrilege to say around here but it’s been my experience with many receivers and many amps that cost way over your budget. You can of course do much better than your setup but it’ll cost more than you budgeted and open a can of worms. Or perhaps better said, Pandora’s box. If you’re liking what you hear, stick with it. Maybe you can research options over time while you save up. The type of device you seek is starting to become more common. Options nowadays include the NAD M10 and M33, Arcam SA30, Lyngdorf TDAI-1200 and 3400, etc. So you’re talking $2k starting point.

@bkeske I am attracted to the integrated route. I am just trying to be realistic about having a shared living room/listening area and placement/treatment has its limitations. If it was a separate space I’d certainly go that route. I’m looking more into the Parasound. Looks like it has on board DAC but you use a separate one? Which streamer do you use? I don’t know how everything fits together. Really, I have 1 TV with 1 or 2 video sources, a turntable, 2 speakers, and a sub. If all of it can connect, I’m certainly willing to simplify from needless AVR stuff.

I’m not using an integrated, but did buy a Parasound preamp without a DAC. Thus, I have a separate DAC. Right now a Denafrips Ares II, before that a PS Audio DAC. IMO, I like the idea of a separate DAC as the technology shifts and advances. That said, I would assume the DAC inside the 200 would be pretty darn good, so not a necessity to purchase separate.

As far as a steamer, a very simply steamer box from Dayton Audio that connects into my DAC, then to my preamp. I can connect to the steamer via my iPad or iPhone as it is wireless, and use my Tidal app within the iPad or phone. I do not stream a lot, so have not invested into a more comprehensive streaming device. Thinking about it, but just not that important to me. Most all my music is via vinyl, CD, or cassette. My CD player also runs through my DAC instead of using its internal DAC. Thus, my CD/BluRay player is basically a transport. If I want to watch a DVD I have, which is rare, I can still do that with its HDMI connection to my AVR.

The nice thing about that Parasound New200 is the ability to manage your sub at the amp. Similar to how you do your with your AVR internally with its software.


Thanks for the level headed response. It does seem like there's going to be trade offs no matter which way I go and particularly at my price point. Maybe I'll save the money I may have spent on an external amp if that doesn't seem like a worthwhile investment. I assumed more/separate power would be less taxing on a dedicated unit, but sounds like that may not result in any audible benefits. 

For the foreseeable future I'm in a setting where I kind of need the system to do everything for me in a limited environment. Anyways, I'm learning as I go. Just hoping to be saving for the right things and not wasting investments. Thank you.