Moved from Logitech Squeezebox to Cambridge CXN V2 w/NAS - sound not as good


   I recently made a change to my system. I moved my digital music library from my PC to a NAS device (QNAP), and replaced my old streaming interface, a Logitech Squeezebox, with a Cambridge audio CXN V2. I feed the streamer into an external DAC, a Chord Qutest. 

Since I made the change, the sound is different. A bit more "relaxed" sounding. Not sure I like it as much. The old system had a bit more punch and maybe was a little brighter. 

Any thoughts on why this might happen, and how I might remedy it? Going back to the PC and Squeezebox isn't really an option.  


Have you tried the DAC in the Cambridge?  Are you streaming your own files or using a streaming service?  If your own files,  still using Logitech Media Server?   Has any other aspect of the streaming changed besides physical streamer device used?

Hello Mapman,

   Thanks for responding. I am streaming my own files, and I do not use a streaming service. I have not tried the DAC in the Cambridge, as I sincerely doubt it would perform as well as a DAC costing twice the entire CXN V2. The two changes made are, as I mentioned, moving the files themselves from a PC to a NAS, and switching from the Logitech to the Cambridge streamer. 

    Since I am still using the same outboard DAC I didn't expect that the Cambridge would insert its own sound into my system (or at least thought it would be minimal, or better!).

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Could be your accustomed to a bright sounding Streamer and now have a more neutral one and your questioning the difference. I'd try living with it for a while to see if your end up preferring it. if not move on from the Cambridge and try another. one thing is try a PC/Mac laptop and see if that's any different.  

You simply prefer the sound of one component over another. It is no more complicated than that.  That’s what it’s all about. Find out what makes you happy and drink it. Really.