Movies that featured High End equipment

I was wondering what movies featured high end audio equipment.The ones i can recall are:9 1/2 weeks,Wall Street and some old Sandra Bullock movie about monkeys and some magic potion (they had Krell system in it).

That's about it.Anyone can add something to it?Thanks
In the current TV show, "House," Dr. House has a SOTA turntable in either his office or home (I forget which).

In "The Omega Man," wherein Charlton HEston portrays the last (gun-loving) human on Earth, there is a scene with an 8-track player.
Anyone recall the brand of the very large speakers in A Clockwork Orange used when playing Beethoven in the hospital?
There was a movie with Bobcat Goldthwaite when he had a talking horse in his apartment! I forgot the name of the movie but he had Infinity RS1b speakers that were shown prominently in many of the apartment scenes.

Also, Martin Logan speakers were in the 'boys' apartment on the Friends TV show.


There were Mcintosh componets in "What lies beneith" with Harrison ford in it. There were numerous spots in "Be cool" with carver amp,aragon amps/prepro.