Movies with...

Have you ever seen the movie where high end audio gear was displayed or played?
I've seen recently the movie not from the beginning where the student was bringing Martin Logan SL3 into the dorm room.:)
I can't remember the tv series, but i specifically remember one where someone owned large e-stat's. Later in the show ( several episodes or even the next season ), they had a pair of Cerwin-Vega's !!!! From one extreme, to the other... Sean
The movies-
"As good as it Gets" in the main charachters apartment, Mac. gear
-"The Skulls" in the charachter Caleb Mandrakes dorm room he has Marin Logans with what appears to be a Loewe Aconda television
-"What Women Want" Mel Gibsons Apartment Revel, krell(maybe?) and a plasma screen very visible but there are two of everything for the electronic gear(probably to look better)
and I have been told the show "Friends"(still haven't seen it) the male charachters have Martin Logans in there apartment, but I dunno bout that for sure.
Not a movie, but I'm pretty sure I saw a pair of Red Rose speakers (surprise) on Levinson's wife's show (Sex and the City).

Tim is right. Older Friends shows had Martin-Logans displayed ( smallers ones-Aerius's) . Lately they have B&W leisure monitors, stuck in corners of the wall unit in Joey Triviani's "family room".
Martin Logans in the Dorm room in the movie "loser" Clearaudio turntable in "Tomb Raider"