Movies with...

Have you ever seen the movie where high end audio gear was displayed or played?
I've seen recently the movie not from the beginning where the student was bringing Martin Logan SL3 into the dorm room.:)
In the last episode of 'The Sopranos,' Anthony Jr's new girlfriend had a Sota turntable in her house. (And a mint copy of 'Rubber Soul'.) Unfortunately, couldn't see the rest of the system.
In Philadelphia, Tom Hanks had a Sonic Frontiers amp, EAD cd player and I forget the electrostatic speakers.

In an old Twilight Zone, Dom Delouise (I believe) had a McIntosh tube stack.

Isn't it funny how us audiophiles will try our hardest to find out what gear they have in the movies or tv. In my own home movies when my daughter was an infant, I'd pan around the room only to stop and do a long close up on my own audio system.
Gregory House did a little showcasing for Thor apparently. I obviously missed some episodes.
"Flushed Away", really nice cartoon system, but it sounded a little 2 dimentional. heh heh