Moving across country with over 1000 LP's

Hi guys and gals-I am contemplating moving to Arizona in the near future from NJ and wanted to get your suggestions on how to make sure the move isnt traumatic to the over 1000 LPs. Is there any way movers can prevent warpage of the records? Just was wondering if any moving companies have temperature-controlled vans. The temperature as you get out west in the summer can reach 112 or more and I'm sure it's even hotter inside a moving van. Anyone with experience in this? Many of the LP's I have are collectors items and I'd sure hate to see them ruined. Thanking you in advance!-Mrmitch

I have about 2,500 LPs that I moved in June 2005 from Halsey, OR to West Point, NY in a 26 foot U-Haul with no temp control, then moved them again in June 2006 from West Point to Florence, OR in a commercial movers trailer with no climate control AND them packing our stuff with goods from 3 other families. I haven't found a single record that was in any different condition than before the first move. I had them packed tightly in good boxes, so there was little chance of them warping. As long as you have them packed well, I can't imagine how they would get damaged unless it gets hot enough to melt the grooves themselves.

Be sure NOT to use Home Depot small moving boxes which look perfect: 12x12x16. They are exactly 12x12, and LPs don't fit. Go to a moving company (like United or U-Haul) and get theirs, which are 12 3/4 x 12 3/4. That three-quarters of an inch makes all the difference. Happy trails.
Uhaul makes perfect boxes for this. I have used them a few times to move my lps without issue.
In the quantity you're going to need you might check out U-Line's selection of boxes. They have a huge selection and are dramatically cheaper than buying singles from U-Haul. It looks as if this one or something similar would work and buying in bundles of 25 they're $1.22 each. Shipping is extremely quick.
Well packed lps can go pretty much anywhere. Years ago I shipped a few hundred lps over seas with household goods. They went by sea so I'm figuring they were subject to a lot more than standard movers would do. Oh yeah, they came back three years later without damage.
Mr Mitch,
Be sure to use high quality boxes.Dont skimp !!! I used boxes from U-Haul.
Everything survived the trip in perfect order
Pack tightly and mark the boxes with an arrow as to "this side up" but you are at the mercy of the movers.
I visited friends in Gilbert Az. You wont have to worry about warping once you get there.Very low humidity but I would think you already know that.
Best of luck in your new residence
I guess the bigger question is why on earth would you move to Arizona???

OK, just kidding (sort of). I have moved and stored LPs more times than I can count. Good boxes, tightly packed is the key.
Thanks to everyone for you sharing your knowledge and experiences! I found what you all said to be very true in a common sense way and I'm sure it will help. Been contemplating the move for awhile now, just tired of the NJ winters and having to snowblow off 180 ft of driveway. For those of you who know member Stringreen, he made the move a few years back and told me to look him up if I ever moved out his way--thats what I love about Audiogon, a sense of camaraderie that you dont find in too many places these days. Thanks again to all of you!