Moving away from inefficient/low impedance speaker in order to move to a Tube Amp

I think this is talked about more on the amplifier side...tubes to solid state or vice versa. But as we all know, going with a  tube amp requires some effort in choosing the proper speaker. I have Harbeth C7's, which are a very nice speaker....but I'm not willing to spend the money on a high quality 100 watt tube amp. For those that have been in this scenario, please share some additional steps from your journey. Example 1: You had speaker A, but surprisingly found it worked fine with tubes...Example 2: You had speaker A, but it did not sing with tubes, so you found speaker B, and paired it with Tube amp C..... Cheers -Don


I have a pair of Klipschorns in my main system and a pair of  16 Ohms Zu Soul Superfly's in my secondary system.

Both pairs absolutely sing with a tiny 3.5W Miniwatt N3 amp.

The amp has 4,6 and 8 Ohm taps on the rear of the transformers but I have only ever used the 8 Ohms taps.

My Luxman 25 watt tube amps running a horn speaker with 2 x 21" woofers speakers are 4 ohms 103db 1 watt.

jerryg123: Are you running your Qualiton X200 with KT 88, 120, or KT 150’s. Really nice setup, but your Prestige speaker is out of my price range for my second system. I bet they are wonderful though. Ralph...I think you’re right in that this bedroom system isn’t really for playing at loud levels. For a source, I may start out simple with a BlueSound Node to get things going. That would be my first streamer.

While I am impressed with the Klipsch Heritage line of speakers driven by tube amps... I'm equally impressed by the Harbeth line of speakers driven by the type of amps their designer (Alan Shaw) suggests drive them best - high powered SS amps, which best control their drivers (Hegel in particular)!  

I drive my Harbeths with the Hegel H590, but the other Hegel amps drive them equally well (H390 in particular)... and... they seem to be driven very well by the McIntosh MA252 or MA352 (tube/ss hybrids)!

If... you... don't want to totally disrupt your system.

I'm driving my Forte IV with 40 watts of EL34 power in a smallish to medium room and its plenty of power .   It was plenty of power for my Revel M106 too as long as you didn't want to crank it too loud.  Not the best pairing but sounded great at normal to moderately loud levels 

I am having a 300b built and 8 watts should be plenty for my system and listening habits