Moving coil transfprmer?

How important,is it to have a good one? I have a denon that cost me 100.00 new,but was wondering what is better.Im running a denon 103 and a monolith ps1 with upgraded power supply. What is better to run other than denon? Or would it be better to get a mc phono preamp with 60 db in gain?
When I use a low-output MC, I employ the Quicksilver MC Transformer. Prefer it over my (active) PS Audio MCA2.
SUT's are one thing I like to see measure well. While you have to find one that sounds "good" it's really good to get one that is as neutral as possible because everything else in your system adds so much coloration.

Back when I was choosing a step -up, I listened to freq sweeps before i listened to music to hear which ones held their own without grain up the spectrum. Then of course, you must listen to music
well ive left it alone. took the sup out and running the denon 103 to the monolithic and set settin to my taste,and just started listening to these albums,d change th motor gromets on my 124,and put a new idler wheel on turntable,and aded the turntable gromets between turntable and plinth, and set neddle,and love it..thanks for your help,rally weird going from a 4000.00 cd player to thisand love it more
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