Moving from 120 VAC to 220 VAC operation on Krell monoblocks

Just read an interesting article from MBL regarding audio benefits for operating power amplifier at 220 VAC on dedicated electrical circuit.
Also read on the Gon that Dan d’Agostino has voiced the sound of the FPB amp series by operating them at 220 VAC. 

I currently own a pair of Krell FPB-350 MCX monoblocks which operate on 120 VAC dedicated circuits (14 gauge wire). Contacted Krell and they indicated dip switch positions for operating the amps on 220 VAC. The MBL paper suggests to wire 220 VAC dedicated circuit using 10 gauge wire to reduce electrical noise and amplifier modulation of electrical circuit.

While the theory seem to be valid and before rewiring my dedicated circuits, I would like to have some Krell amp owners comment on the benefit of going to 220 VAC operation for those who have performed the mod.

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Started looking into Siemens 240 VAC/20 A circuit breakers. I may just go direct doing the 240 VAC mod, since the core of the work is rewiring the dedicated circuits to 10 gauge wire.

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Hi Elizabeth,

I’m all in with your comments and this is why I’m doing this. According to the MBL article, using 10 gauge wire is the first step to audio heaven and moving to 220 VAC is the second step.

This is going to be a nice experience and looking forward to share my observations with the Gon community.