Moving Magnet Phono Cartridges

I probably sound like a broken record (no pun intended) but I still haven’t pulled the trigger on the Hana MC cartridge.  I have been considering a moving magnet cartridge instead and have been researching.   I haven’t found many reviews of the better ones online except for users comments.  

I have been looking at the Audio Technica cartridges, Goldring and Ortofon.   I really wish I could find a Shure V15 or equivalent.  To the users of moving magnet cartridges, can you help me out or steer me in the right direction?


I used the Ortofon Black in a Pioneer PLX-1000 TT and thought it sounded great...

A lot of good ones mentioned..I am enjoying the Soundsmith Carmen mkII..  just a touch of warmth...beautiful, vivid midrange

+1 @elliottbnewcombjr on suggesting a Jico and a Shure combination


There is a Stanton 881S sans stylus for a good price on that well known classified site. This might be the sound you are looking for there is really no way to know without actually trying it. The 681 and 981 have a little more of a audiophile curve but the 881 is ruler flat and would be a great match for a DD TT espically in the bass region.

Jico has a good shibata tipped stylus and if the combo does not work out for you I would definitely be interested in purchasing the used stylus from you.

The Stanton specs are listed at the end of this catalog. Cheers


How are you going to achieve Stanton 881S specs without an OEM stylus, which I think was a Stereohedron?

Thank you @lewm good point, a Jico stylus will give the OP the best chance to see if this is the direction he would like to go without actually owning a OEM stylus. There is nobody I know of with the equipment or the propensity to test a Jico replacement stylus for dynamic compliance so it is hard to say if they do not match OEM or if they do in fact come close to matching OEM specs so using factory specs to check compatibility with tonearm matching is common practice. I believe Jico does do a good job copying Shure stylus’s so I believe their Stanton copy should be as close to OEM as they can get it. Maybe somebody else could chime in here and say what their Jico D81 is tracking at, if it is tracking close to 1g then it is possibly pretty close to OEM. A shibata is also apart of line contact family alongside stereohedron so that should not be a problem but yes most say the sterohedron is a little smoother. Cheers