Moving on a sailboat - bookshelf speakers?

I've decided to spend a year on a sailboat. I'm loath to give up my home system as it's about as good as you can get before spending silly money. (LX521s, ATI/Parasound, maxed-out Linn LP12 with Blackbird arm and VdH Frog) All of it is going in storage except for my Ayre QB-9 Twenty powered by my M1 Mac Mini. 

I am interested in opinions on great bookshelf speakers that actually need to live in a bookshelf. (No room for stand-mounted speakers in a 40' monohull sailboat.) I also need a good integrated amp to power the speakers. (I'm leaning towards the Audio by Van Alstine Vision SET 120 Control Amplifier.) 

I think I've got about 18" tall by 12" deep as limitations. Maybe less. (I'll update when I know for sure.) 

What speakers should I be looking at? Various reviews like the KEF but declare that it needs stands. Others declare the sub-$1000 B&W anniversary speakers and don't mention stands. I wish I could fit a pair of LX Minis, but the associated mid/bass tube knocks it out of the running. 


ROKSAN Caspian integrated amp driving SPENDOR D1’s might stir your drink.

Good luck to you what an adventure ! As a side note the salt air (I presume it’s the ocean or gulf you’ll be on) will really wreak havoc with the electronics in your system. Nevertheless, having a great audio system with you will certain add to the experience. 

You may want to look into car/mobile audio speakers that are specifically designed for a marine environment.  You are going to compromise the sound quality, but they will at least have a fighting chance (and won't be terribly expensive).  Plus, they are installed into the bulkhead which will make them less likely to be stolen when you are out eating dinner.  

My thought is to get the best marine-grade speakers you can, but plan on headphones for "serious" listening.

But I am also assuming you are going to be on something like a 30-foot sailboat.  If you have Jeff Bezos money and are on a mega yacht, then you should have plenty of air-conditioned space for whatever you want. (30 foot sailboat tour)

vs (mega yacht tour)



@charliech  😂 I wish! 

Actually, it’s a Gulfstream 37-footer. My previous post in this thread mentions my current car system. I’m open to that, but I can do much, much better than marine speakers. The high-end car audio speakers available these days are something to behold. Audible Physics white-labels for a lot of name brands around the world and I’ve been very happy with their product in my car. 

I’m also considering building a pair of LX-Minis into the bookshelf. The mid-woofer lives at the top of a 36” x 6” tube, so the bass response is pretty good. It’s also similar to my LX521s that have to go into storage. I found out I can re-direct the tube 90-degrees and maintain the proper fidelity, so I might just build them into the shelf and hide the tube underneath the shelf behind the bench. If I need a sub, there are plenty of places to hide one in all of the various cubby-holes. 

Lots of good recommendations so far. Thanks everyone! 

Now, I am very familiar with the modern car audio world. I have a Sony XAV-9500ES, Helix DSP.3S, Biketronics BT4180 (N-Core amp), and Audible Physics NZ3 speakers in my Cayenne

OK, between taking a year off on a boat and this system in a Porsche is now just pissing me off with ur 1st-world “problems.”  Kidding   Truth is I’m uber jealous of ur situation   Enjoy!!!  And best of luck finding a good solution to ur speaker “problem.”