Moving on from Nordost Blue Heaven to...?

Anyone else move on from the Blue Heavens to a different cable with better results? I am curious to hear opinions on what was in your system after the Nordost cables and what you thought of them.

Looking for something in the same or similar (less even!) price range. Transparency, mid-range presence and imaging are important to me.

Speaker cables running from a Pass X150 to Maggie 1.6QRs.
Have you tried the entry level Transparent cabling that won Product of the Year award in TAS. I would also call the Cable Company and describe your system and give them a budget to work with. They maintain a database of customer comments that track what other people with similar equipment have found to be synergistic. So they can make a bunch of recommendations for you and then provide you with loaners for home evaluation. You can then decide what works best for you.
Just on a whim,I put in a low bid on a set of ATCables Gold Trace ic's that were on auction here on A'gon.Well,I won them and put them in place of my Blue Heavens.At first,no big deal,after about 20 hrs. the sound really opened up.Everything was,cleaner,for the lack of a better term.They are still in my system and the Blue Heavens have found a new home.This is my experience in my system,yours may differ.Good luck.
nordost is great for particular systems, ones on the warm side of nuetral, i replaced my nordost with acoustic zen ..started with the oscar i/c just to compare..oscar did more for less, after that put in the wow ...everything became better im using the matrix reference II...system is at another level, ones i have some more money...silver reference will go into system...great cable very fair prices..awsome sound !! ive tried 15 different brands non were better then acoustic zen, and they were much more expensive in most cases.
happy new year.
Hi Dan,

Congrats on the 1.6's by the way. Exceptional speaker.

I was using the Blue Heaven's IC and SC for a time...I found PNF Audio's Icon IC and Symphony SC were more realistic and weightier sounding..better depth and transparency. All around just better.

I am currently running all Nordost Heimdall IC and the PNF Symphony's in my system and really like the synergy..but for the price..hard to knock the performance of the PNF cables, which will be a nice upgrade over the BH's.

Happy New Year!

Transparent Audio gets my vote as well. I have a Nordost Blue Heaven which I will soon replace with a Transparent Audio cable.

The Transparent cables use a network which does several things. One of the things it does is provide a low-pass filter to block ultra high frequency (1.6+ mhz) signal noise. This eliminates a major source of noise in the audio range.

I tried their speaker cables and was blown away compared to similarly priced cables.
I've used to have Nordost, but after switching to Maggie 1.6's, they just had to go... the synergy wasn't there.

After trying some other brands (borrowed a whole bunch from my local dealer), I settled on a shot-gun Cardas Cross, which brought the warmth the system needed.