Moving Roon from Mini to Nucleus: PITA

The setup is router, Nucleus, Ayre QX-5 (Roon endpoint), and Google MESH node connected to an ethernet switch. The switch indicators are all green; the Nucleus seems to be receiving 1000 mps. When Roon core ran on a 2011 Mini it played to the QX-5 without problem. Now that core runs on the Nucleus it will not enable the QX-5 until its OS is updated to certified. I tried to transfer music files via a 4 TB HD from the Mini to the Nucleus, but core in Nucleus shows it unavailable even though it’s formatted exFAT, so no music files. Finally, core doesn’t find the ultraRendu downstairs that’s served by the MESH network, but that’s likely a network problem. The node, previously connected directly to the router, now is connected to the same switch as the router.

I’ve resorted to spinning discs on the Ayre DX-5 DSD.


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I can't tell if you've posted this issue to the Roon Community Forum. DBPHD didn't show in my search.

Suggest you log on and ask the question. Plenty of good advice and solutions there.


Good luck!


So it seems the QX-5 is not a real Roon endpoint at least at this point, but only UPnP. If you previously had a direct connection between a Mac and your DAC, then the Roon player ran on the Mac. 

An inexpensive but high performing solution for you is to use a Raspberry Pi4 as your player.  Install the latest Ubuntu 20 LTS on it and it will spin up pretty quickly for you.