Moving Soon - Should I Pack Up Everything Now??

I am getting ready to list my house. The photographer is coming tomorrow to take pictures for the listing. 

What is the consensus on if I should pack up everything so they are no in the photos. I listen to my system every night and really do not want to but I get the security aspect of things. I am home all day every day if that matters.

Two monoblocks, Wilson WATT/Puppies, streamer, DAC, Preamp.

I guess I could pack things up for the pictures and then bring them back out, but that would be a PITA.

Thoughts on this?


I’m sorry if I sound cynical. I see so much brazen crime,I would be on the look out for bad people showing up for an open house. I live in a relatively small city, and crime is pretty out of control. Shopping carts being loaded up and taken out of the store is becoming a common sight. We have had over 3000 cars stolen this year,many in broad daylight. If it were me,I’d have the agent photograph a room, move the gear into that room, then photograph your audio room, and move the gear back after. Again,I’m sorry for sounding so cynical.

Surely the intention is to sell the house.

If the OP is sensing the advertisement of their home, inclusive of certain material possessions are to be a stimulus to the types with a leaning toward being criminal, especially a Burglar.

The idea that their home being Burgled whilst on sale, is certainly a Stigma that is not wanted to be created. By law, a Burglary within a certain time frame on a property, might be a occurrence that can not be withheld and has to be declared to a potential Buyer.

Again, there are other ways to encounter music as a temporary measure, other than use a readily available Audio System.     

It’s a value judgement that only you can make but the smart thing financially would be to optimize the room presentation for best sale value.  

Maybe a good time to leverage smaller backup gear if possible or even headphones.  

In a similar situation, I put Corelli's Concerto Grossi on repeat before leaving for showings. The house sold quickly. There's a reason classical music is in the background of so many movie scenes in settings of wealth and taste. Put the buyers in the mood. Cheers,


I really appreciate all of the responses. Good to see all of the thoughts. That tells me that I am not alone when thinking about these things.

The photographer did take the pictures with the system. She placed the camera far away, so it is kind of difficult to see exactly what I have. Although the Wilsons are hard to ignore.

Regarding the WAF, this is set up in a basement room, so hopefully a spouse will give a bit of grace. It is not on the main floor living room.

Houses in my development typically sell withing 2 weeks of listing so when I do have my agent publish the listing, it 'should' sell quickly. 'Should' is the key word here. My motivation for leaving everything out would be selfish. I do not want to be without music. It is not to entice a prospect.

Not getting divorced, but I appreciate the advice. Haha.

I did think of one minus to leaving everything out. Maybe another audiophile would see it and feel compelled to tell me that my setup is not synergistic, I should move the speakers further from the wall, and that nice cables are snake oil. Just joking here....