Moving to New Zealand from USA Now What?????

OK so do I sell all my equipment, Buy new Stuff once I hit NZ or do I take it and Have it converted?

How available is audiophile gear in NZ?

My system consists of
Myryad pre amp
Toshiba sd-9200
Rel Storm
Mesa Boggie Baron
Citation 5.1 amp


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North or South island?

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Hi Vong
As a rule I would have to say that audio gear is cheaper and more affordable in the States than here, the choice is also is much greater. Step down trannies do work we are 230 volts here. So have it converted there to 230 and bring it all with you. OR.... sell it all and trade up now! its cheaper than shipping it in later. BTW were will you be living?
Regards Steve.
A friend emigrated back in the mid 90s and related to me that he had to pay pretty stiff tariffs to take his gear into the country. New Zealand, like Australia, protects its domestic markets with import tariffs.