Mozart Piano Concertos

I just saw #10 at the Seattle Symphony and it rekindled my enjoyment of the piano concertos. I'm wanting to put together a pretty good collection of these great works. Can anyone recommend either/or box sets or exemplary pieces? Thanks.
I heartily second the Brendel recommendation, especially the Dutch pressings. Another great Mozartean was Alicia de Larrocha, who unfortunately passed away a few days ago. I will be having a memorial listening session very soon! She was a great lady as well, I was fortunate enough to work with her a couple of different times.
Concur with Perahia, Clara Haskil, and Brendel, would add for at least #27 Emil Gilels. His tone and romanticism are such that, at least for me, no other pianist has matched.
Uchida's set is also outstanding. She plays Mozart, both concertos and sonatas, extremely well. You can't go wrong with any of the suggestions here, but if you're taking your time and auditioning before you buy, be sure to listen to hers. Have fun.
Another vote for Perahia and Brendel. But also try Clifford Curzon -- he can send shivers up the spine. I especially enjoy his recordings on Audite where he's accompanied by Kubelik. It sounds like I need to check out Haskil.
If you want to get the widest possible exposure to Mozart in a fell swoop, try the 170 CD set of The Mozart Complete Works on the Brilliant Classics label (92540). . . for $154.99 at ArcOfMusic. Guido