Mozarts boomy-help

I can finally listen and enjoy vocals with cds but I can't get rid of the boomy bass. I have tried three rooms and three amps, several wire changes and I have danced them all over the place.
System includes the Musical Fidelity 3.2 integrated , Audio Refinement Complete CD player VPI JR. turntable, and the Vienna Acoustics Mozart speakers. Also Kimber Hero and 4tc. Thanks for the help in advance.
I am not familiar with the speakers but with the problem. I solved it by placing the speakers on aurios. I originally had my speakers on the supplied spikes on rubber and metal spike shoes, then tried better spikes and now on the aurios everything is much better. It's the old couple/decouple argument but they worked for me. Oh yeah, and moving them out from the back wall...
Check out Sistrum speaker stands. Worked on my system when I had a similar complaint. Good luck.
The biggest reason for boommy bass is that your amplifier is unable to control the woofer movement properly due to poor damping. The best fix is to bump up the impedance of the speakers using a device named autoformer. It essentially multiply the impedance by a factor of 2, 2.75, 3, 4, 8 and so on. Depending on your nominal speaker impedance, the resultant dampling factor will do from under-damped (loose bass) to over damped (dry sound). The optimal setting simply means the system is critically damped and it should give you the best result.

All other fixes that I've tried -- tube trap, RPG skyline, RPG diffusor, cables, drapery, spikes, Aurios --- work marginally at best.