MQA is for chumps

I quickly ended my Tidal subscription  and went to Qobuz.   I thought my DAC sounded better than my Vault's analog outs with MQA tracks.   

Radio Paradise just started streaming MQA content.   So I clicked on an MQA "station" and fed the digital stream to my DAC.   Played it fine , sound was pretty good.... the DAC identified the stream as " 88.2"....

Can anyone explain this??
”Well and good except for the MQA has your money in the form of the license fee. They have mine too and I’ve never even tried it, even during a crappy Tidal trial.”

Same here. Doing a Deezer trial now - so far so good. 
Should be interesting to see how Spotify responds to this, after they take a closer look at this marker. 
Finally was able to get a Qobuz subscription last night, now begins the work finding the same music that I have in my Tidal library in my new Quboz library, are there any programs/apps that can do this ?
Have been very disappointed with Tidal after they choose to incorporate MQA into all their  library ( it seams )!
The music industry must be the worst industry catering for their users! It seams they want the user to be 20 years behind in quality in respect to movie enthusiasts that seam to get better quality nearly every year!

So,happy to make the move to Qobus, hopefully it will be a easy transition, the opportunity to buy the music you really like is a big plus too.

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