On my digital side I have an Aurender W20 server with a Metrum pavane level III DAC.    When I stream music I am using the HiFi TIDAL. The Metrum has an option of purchasing a card that I would install to add MQA capabilities. From what I have read there is some controversy as to whether MQA is a positive or negative to the sound of digital. I was interested in thoughts on whether I should add the module. 
Thanks. It would be good to know if the second unfold is presented as 'native' and oversampling (if applied) occurs after this 2nd unfold.
I have a system that’s very resolving and detailed. MQA is noticeably different from my digital through my Yggdrasil. To me MQA is a different flavor that’s very enjoyable. In my setup I find MQA to be a bit laid back, a bit more spacious (kinder, gentler). Doesn’t rock like digital through the Yggdrasil which I also really enjoy. It’s a very enjoyable addition to my listening options. I was not sold on MQA until I had it for a few weeks. Now I would miss it if I didn’t have it. I read about all the unfolding stages etc. it really just came down to listening to it for a while. Hope this helps.
Rbodner, since you have a high level system, I am sure you will be able to hear an improvement with MQA. I only have an Aurender N10 streaming into a Berkeley Ref 2 MQA Dac with Tidal MQA and I prefer MQA over CD quality every time.
Qobuz has hi res, that doesn't need MQA, I have both and on many similar albums, I prefer the Qobus over Tidal with MQA. But that starts the argument about library size and ease of interface, etc. But I also feel that MQA is worth the price of admission, moderate improvement over standard Tidal streaming on a very resolving system.
I can’t imagine you would hear much of a difference at all since you are working with their top of the line DAC.

Can you explain? Thanks.
I'm totally baffled by this too...Not saying I know MQA is good, bad or indifferent but i just don't follow the logic.
Hans likes MQA and I trust him.  But there's so little MQA out there, and the self selection bias on MQA releases distorts most opinion.... wish i could say more aside from "listed and decide if it makes you happy"G