MSB DAC's Popularity

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I would appreciate some insight on the above. I'm in the market for a DAC with volume control and am exploring the Discrete or Premier. I question the lack of reviews and even dialog on AGon? The limited reviews that appear portray stellar performers; however, not many exist on the used market. Are they so good that no one sells? Or, is the price/performance not commensurate and nobody buys? I do love the future-proofing built into their designs! Could you please share your experiences with those who own or have auditioned? I'm looking for an end-game product, if that is even possible in digital. 



generally Agon is the domain of the  $2k -$5k DAC of the month club…just look BACk over time and you will catch the wave…. MSB has been and most likely be a significant player for the long term… I auditioned an MSB Analog w Powerbase against a Aesthetix Pandora - Signature, both DACs ya don’t hear much about…here…but are in great systems worldwide…..add Lampizator and a few others….

Fun, enjoy the music…..

and the Brinkmann Nyquist II…..from a German genius..who makes one of the top turntables….in the world….

I auditioned a MSB Premier and Berkeley Reference 3 in a dealers show room. Unfortunately I was not able to complete the audition due to dealer technical difficulties. During the demo it was apparent that both are comparable high quality DACs. The demo did not last long enough to quantify the DAC differences other than they both sounded excellent. You cant go wrong with either one. In the end I purchased the Berkeley reference 3.

@ghdprentice Is right in his above post. “Technology used is one thing in high end equipment but it is all about implementation and the blend of components and overall design”. 

This means you have to audition a DAC in your system to ensure you like the resulting sound quality.  Professional reviews are interesting but its your budget and ears.  

@tomic601 "$2k-$5k DAC of the month club..." you are right! Said DAC is also authoritatively proclaimed to be the killer of all giants 2x, 5x, 10x greater in price while direct experience need not apply. Is it still the Holo May as of now?