MSB Discrete vs Premier

Anyone have any experience between these two DAC?  Also considering the different power supply options on the Discrete one power supply, two power supplies or the Premier power supply.

Thank you! 


The MSB web site says “ In keeping with MSB’s core design principles, the Digital Director seamlessly supports and augments all current DACs”.

I suggest you call your MSB retailer and ask.   

I have owned the discrete and currently own the premier Dac. I found that with the premier the background became even more black. The soundstage also expanded and everything had more definition. With this move I have actually decided to go full MSB for my front end and sold my D’Agostino momentum m400 monos and he pre. I bought the s202 for the time being and do not find that I have lost anything in the sound. It did allow me to put money back in my pocket though. 

here is a incredible synergy when you pair their dacs with the amps. They are simply made to work together. I also was able to shed the streamer with the use of the renderer module for input with a gigafoil and lps. My dealer friend who also sells Innuos tested the gigafoil with renderer vs the Innuos statement with the pro-usb input. He too preferred the renderer gigafoil combo. This is nice as it cuts out close to $20k from a system too. 

If you can swing it I would go for the premier. 

Interesting. I own a Premier DAC too and I’m very happy streaming from an Innuos Statement Next Gen via ProUSB-ProISL module, I love Sense App that I prefer over Roon.

Premier with PowerBase and Femto93 is amazing.

I had the opportunity to have a home audition of the S202, here you can find my review on WTB forum:

If you can afford the Premier, go for it, you’ll be surprised.

Well my budget for digital right now is a little less as I'm also looking to upgrade my turntable.  

If I were only going to purchase one module should I just do a renderer and gigafoil and use the discrete as a Roon endpoint for now.  Keep the budget down.  Then I can always upgrade down the road.  Or would you go usb module and use my mac mini going into it.  

Thank you!