MSB Discrete vs Premier

Anyone have any experience between these two DAC?  Also considering the different power supply options on the Discrete one power supply, two power supplies or the Premier power supply.

Thank you! 


Ok just didn't know if there was a consensus.  I assume it also depends on your player/streamer so the mac mini via USB might not win over the renderer but an Innuos via USB might.  

I wish they had an SFP renderer to get network straight from my network switch.  But it sounds like Gigafoilv4 might provide good isolation.  

Discrete owner here.  For sure two Discrete PSU over one.  I added the second one a few months later and was floored by the improvements.  Hard to justify the $7k cost of the power base with the Discrete.  At that point it's too close to the cost of the Premier to justify, unless your dealer has a generous upgrade policy.

Love my Discrete!  Compared to dCS Bartok, Lumin X1, and Mola Mola Tambaqui I owned, it's the clear winner for me.

@creditingkarma I use the Renderer and am going to have to try the Gigafoil now!

@eugene81 I agree with you on the discrete. I moved from bartok to the discrete Dac and found the move to be for the better. As far as upgrade policies go MSB actually has a great upgrade policy. They give you back 100% of retail towards the new upgrade. 

@creditingkarma Wow, that is a great upgrade policy, so maybe it's worth going with the Powerbase for Discrete if you're planning to stay with MSB and upgrade.

+1, If you can afford the Premier, go for it.  It is very good.  

+1, You should try both of them at your home. Let your ears judge. My bet is you will prefer the MSB Premiere with the power base.  

As I posted above, I suggest you also investigate the MSB Director that is an update to the MSB Premiere DAC. The MSB Director costs $14,000 and adds a third box to your stack (DAC and power supply) plus additional cables.   Current input modules are removed from the DAC and installed into the Digital Director. Please see the MSB Web site for more info on the MSB Director.