MSB Link and static electricity

In the winter around here it gets very dry. Dry enough to create a lot of static. Today I accidently touched my MSB Link, saw a spark, and the Link stopped working. The only light that stayed on was the power light. There was no analog output. I unplugged the power supply, and replugged to no avail. I then shut the whole thing off and went out to eat. When I returned two hours later and turned it back on, it worked. I thought for sure that I had somehow fried a chip. Has anyone else had this happen?

I currently own an MSB Gold link with P1000 power base. Although your experienced did not happen to me as exactly as you described, there were several times that the MSB power light was the only thing "on" on my DAC and the unit does not work or register an input source(i.e. toslink or RCA ;AES/EBU is a different case of course). This happens when there's a power surge or if you accidentally turn off the DAC while the inputs are active( just powered on, not necessarily playing!). The culprit of this is that whenever a power surge occurs, or a power interruption takes place on the DAC, the unit will automatically resets to analog bypass(relays will set to normally close inside the unit). The only thing you can do is to power-off everything and wait for about a minute (until the relay resets) and plug it back on again. Once you plug it on, you should hear the relays click again (meaning it detects inputs on its input terminals). This is normal with the MSBs. I doubt it if there's damage to your unit. I observe this several times when I re-arrange cables, power strips, power cords, etc. but so far, my DAC still works flawlessly!
I tell you, I had it happen today with my CDP. Scared the hell out of me. First I thought it was due to me installing my "Porter Port" outlet incorrectly. No, it is to straightforward to install an outlet. Did some reading here on A'gon and determined it was static electricity. I had jumped off my couch, with just socks on, my feet that is, slid across my carpet on my knees, and touched my CDP. All of the sudden, a loud electrical noise came out of my speakers. Anyway, use a humidifier, and find some antistatic spray. You also want to make sure you touch some other metal before touching your DAC. I think there is a joke in that last sentence somewhere but I will not go there.