MSB Link Dac 3- have modded or go Benchmark ?or?

I am looking for advise.Should I send my MSB Link Dac III out and have it modded.Modwright or who?I hope to get a response from someone who has a modded MSB Link III.Mine has the upsample option and P1000 power supply.Also I hope to get a response from members that had a MSB and went to something they liked better.No mega buck solutions please.I could invest a max of $1500 on a used unit.However if a $500 upgrade mod would be a giant leap (at least more than a small step)foward for the unit I already have, I would be interested.Or do you think I am just throwing good money after bad. Thanks,gixerman
modd the link dac ,i did with dan and replaced the p1000 power with monolithic power modded,im running the network card so i can run it balanced to my cd player,it blows away alot get it fully modded from dan ,you will keep it for ever,also revelation makes the power cord for the dac and monolithic ,a must have,ialso have a tara labs air one power cord running it,with tara labs the one ism balanced ,and tara labs air 1 rca running to preamp..i wont replace for a while
Thanks Bbaxley2 for your response.I have decided to do my own mod on the Link Dac and I am building a DC(battery)power supply.This thing is going to be killer.I will keep everyone posted.
I have studied the power supply circuit extensively and come up with my own plan.The mods for the Dac are posted on into the DIY/Tweeks section.Type MSB LINK DAC in the search bar.Lots of info,op amp options,capicators to upgrade,brands of replacement parts to use ,ect... Also see Dan's site at himself owns a modded Link Dac III.And as for the info about a battery power supply.Comes from my own mind.Desire+Ingenuity+Carefull Planning,Research and study.The power supply is not that complicated in this unit.I could explain it in more detail,but the information is easy to access.Start at
I do hope to purchase a revelation imbilical cord.I will then terminate the one end into my BAT P.S.Two other added pluses of going to a battery power supply is no need of an expensive ac power cord or the need to condition the ac for the dac.