Mt First McIntosh

It arrived last night....the 2105. The seller said the wood case had been taken very good care of the past 45 years. He had to have lied, there is no way this sweet, virgin perfect case is more than 6 months old!

It sounds great, better than I God is she beautiful!! I'm 52 listening to my first Mac. I've tried to share this with my friends, but they have no idea what I'm talking about or how I feel. She is SO beautiful, especially with the rest of the lights turned off.

Stevie Wonder, Mel Torme, Carole King and Chet Baker never sounded so good to my ears. This must be what you guys have been enjoying.

Did I mention she's so beautiful?
The 2105 was my first Mcintosh amp too, nice to hear it arrived in such nice condition.
Sounds like you are now engaged with 'the other women'. I know the feeling, brought my first mac over fifty years ago.
Paul, if you happen to be married... keep those feelings bottled up. When you may least expect it.... "you love that darn box more than me"!!! Between you and I tho, I bet she's just GORGEOUS!!