Multi Channel Amp question

I have two outlaw 2125 amps which are 7 channel amps, I only use 4 of the 7 on both for my Linkwitz Orions speakers. Is it a good idea to remove the modules that are idle?

Unless you're worried about the current they're drawing at idle, I wouldn't bother.
ok thanks Face. I just wanted to know if it does any harm running the amps and not using the modules for extended periods of time.
remove and store against the day of some catastrophic a lightning strike?
Each module has it's own transformer and power supply?

You could always buy a new chassis (maybe?) and build / sell another amp.
I had posted an answer....earlier, which I guess went into the great electronic beyond.

I think if the modules are complete with power supply / transformer, you could recase them in either mono or as desired configs.....

If Outlaw will sell you a case, and the modules are simple plug-in to a bus, you could make another amp...pretty easily.

Plan 'b' would be to take out spare modules and store 'em against the day you have some kind of wacky lightning strike which zaps all or part of your stereo.

they have there own power supply, but there is one transformer supplying all the modules.