multi-channel amps Anthem, B&K, or Rotel

I'm in the market for a multichannel amp. I'm looking at The Rotel RMB-1075 ($1000), B&K av5000 ($800), or the Anthem mca5 ($1050). Price is a concern, but with them so close it's not a deciding factor. My main concern is reliability, sound quality and usable clean power. I will be running the power to an all Paradigm speaker system studio40's (rated to 140w and a db rating of 91) in front, center and rear ceiling mounts. The Anthem is the power house with 200wpc, the Rotel is THX certified and I think 140wpc and the B&K is rated at 125wpc. Do I need the 200 wpc of the Anthem or should I go for the THX certified Rotel, But wait the B&K is $200 cheaper. Oh I dont know my head is spinning. Please help
I just bought the Sherwood Newcastle 5 channel off e-bay. New in the box $365. This 70 pound unit cost $40 to ship. Sound and build quality is awsom for the price (Retail $1,100 to $1,500)Beats the Adcom, Parrasound and B&k in my book.

These units are also for sale through Audiogon

Good Luck
Check out the Adcom GFA-7500. 150w/channel, THX certified. You should be able to find it for around $1000 or so.
I'm driving an all Paradigm system and it has plenty of power to spare.

Good luck.
I am not sure what type of sound you are looking for but here are my 2 cents. I have heard all the amps except for the Anthem.

Adcom - on the harsh, bright side
Rotel - neutral to bright
B&K - warm to neutral

I currently use a McCormack .5 Rev A and a DNA HT3.

Good luck in your search.
I would tend to agree with Maggieowner's very astute descriptions. I would also add that the B&K's and Adcom's tend to get "jumbled up" or "loose control" when pushed hard. Never railed on a Rotel, so don't know about that aspect. I do think that the Rotel probably has the best build quality of the three mentioned though. I also haven't listened to the Anthem, so can't help you on that one either. I would not doubt that it is a pretty solid amp though.

Depending on your personal tastes and the other components in your system, i would keep in mind that the Paradigm's can lean towards sounding bright and / or possibly even glaring if fed a "typical" digital signal. That is, if they make use of a metal dome like many of their models do. In that respect, the B&K may be the best / most forgiving match. Sean