Multi-Format players of yesteryear, vs. Now

Hello good people

I have a Pioneer DV AX10 player. It is a fairly rare bird that was above Pioneer's Elite players. At the time (Ten years ago now) it was a universal player that did all formats (SACD, DVD Audio, HDCD) but is pre Blu Ray. When I bought it new, retail was 6K and I paid just under 5K.

It's built like a tank, 55lbs!, double airlock transport, shielded with 1/4" thick copper all around it, balanced outs, multi-channel surround outs. You can turn video off, digital off, etc. etc. It was touted as a true high-end machine, gunning for Sony's top-of-the-line SACD player, but adding DVD audio and a great DVD section as well. Until Blu Ray came along, I had never seen a better picture.

Now I'm finding that I'm really interested in getting back to good, engaging, two-channel sound.

I know that this is the HT spot, but I couldn't find a more appropriate forum, plus the machines that I'm looking at do HT as well so, my question:

While I've always liked the DV AX10 for music, will something like the Oppo 95 from today sound better than a super-premium unit like this, from ten years ago?

Electronics do age, and the DACS from today (Burr Browns in the AX10) should be better, yes?

Before I drop another grand or three (with mods) I want to have an educated idea about whether I'll really be stepping up.

The rest of the 2ch system is an ARC LS-16mkII, an ARC HD-220, and NHT 2.9's. Yes, I know, I might want to do something about the speakers one of these days.

Thanks guys. James
The new Oppo doesnt do 2 channel as well as a Lexicon RT10 that is 10yrs old so dont believe all the hype.
Says who the 95 is hype,it does 2 channel with style and grace.
It's not hype! just flat out the best thing todate to spend 1k on period.
Ultimatezap, I would be weary of putting money into a digital player that old. What happens when it breaks down. Parts could be hard if not impossible to find.
I'll byte ! what combo you have in mind for $400, keep in mind all it does on the musical side so well via those dual Ess Sabre dacs cd,sacd ,usb high rez files up to 24/196 and also dvd audio and lets not mention bluray if movies are inculded.

Your up, and there is more!