Multi-media teaching with great audio and great video - is it possible?

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My first post in Home Theater, and I hope the post is fit for this topic.

We (my wife and I) have an older Epson EX7210 3LCD projector and a huge, 110" retractable screen. Thinking to use it for teaching - to be exact, Art History presentations. The source would be iPad Pro. I already bought Insignia USB-C Hub at Best Buy (we do not have Apple store near by), but it has some problems - mostly in keeping the stable signal. Now the real headache: how can I separate video and audio and send just the audio signal to the bluetooth speaker? I can use Ultimate Ears Megablast bluetooth speaker (really big name, a little pretentious maybe...), but we can also use NAD integrated that feeds speakers in the gallery and in the classroom - I have a Blackberry bluetooth receiver. 
I tried to split the signal last night for several hours: if I use iPad to Hub HDMI out to Epson, it somehow eliminates the possibility to use Bluetooth; I tried USB A to B cable between Hub and Epson, but it would not work - and I can not say why. 

I get the video through with the use of HDMI (and it looks great!), but the audio is automatically grabbed by projector - and the audio signal is even less stable than the video... it is not working. It is jabbing the silence with a short burst every 30 seconds or more, adding significantly to my frustration...

So, to finalize:

- Is there some kind of the special USB-C Hub I need to buy?

- Did anyone here already worked with Apple products, especially iPad Pro and solved the problem of separating the output, video through HDMI and audio through the bluetooth?

- What kind of the cables and / or connections is the best to use in this case (USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi...)?

Thank you for reading the post, and big - no, huge thanks if you could point me in the right direction. I am spinning here... It would be easier to toss the projector and the screen into the landfill, and buy huge TV with WiFi and forget about it. However, we are trying to use what we already have, and money is always the problem. Yes, audio and video output quality is very important - what to do with all the setup if this is not going to get a good reception with our students?

True multi-media teaching is really a great idea, but integration of different aspects - well, generations - of technology is whole another bag of mad rats... Thank you for any help you can give us.

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Not sure why you didn't order the Apple media adapter online instead of buying the Insignia at Best buy but here's how to do it if wired.  You could also connect the audio out to one of your NAD's inputs with a 3.5mm to RCA adapter:  Split audio and video signals on IPAD Pro (

If you want wireless Bluetooth audio to your speakers you can just connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the media adapter instead.  There are many different Bluetooth transmitters available at places such as Amazon.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply and for that YT video. I thought I could split video and audio without using 3.5 to BT transmitter. I wanted to use its own BT to transmit the audio signal to BT speaker... Why simple, when it can be complicated, right? Unfortunately, NAD is more than 30 feet away from the spot in the classroom where the iPad and projector should be. 
My wife ordered media adapter from Apple website that evening. However, we won't have it until Monday, and the first class she would use it is on Tuesday. On top of that, I am not completely sure if that Hub is the problem...