Multi Zone Audio in ceiling speakers

Greetings from Toronto Canada. I just recently purchased a new home and it's a total gut job to the studs. The good is that I have everything exposed for wiring ceiling speakers. I am looking for a Multi zone receiver/amplifier to power 5 to 6 zones. I own several amps from my previous home and looking for something new that I can use to stream and cast audio to the desired zones. My previous home I used chromecast audio devices to stream over wifi to differnt setups through out the house. If anyone is familiar with the Google home app it allows you to  separate or group  speakers/setup with the Google home app which is easy to control and easy to use as my wife is also using this with Tidal.  I am hoping someone has some recommendations. 

A-buy sealed enclosure speakers
B-roxul insulation to help contain sound
C-go wireless where possible.  I've got an entire niles set up with a denon multi-zone receiver and it's complicated to say the least.  Want it?
D-When I reconfigure my system I plan to put bluetooth amp/receivers inside the walls and can stream from my phone to whatever room I like.
Sonos is great for the simplicity-I just don't care for their speakers.
Final note-if you mount your speakers to the studs they will resonate to the rest of the house.  You might need to looks at options to isolate better if you don't want to hear the music in the rooms above your speakers.
Thanks for the feedback. I am staying away with Sonos also. I do have a similar rig as a Nile's setup with a network receiver although I can only get 3 zones to work seamlessly. I am looking for a receiver that has a cast over my network and each zone seperated. I am not into Bluetooth. 
Hello - Looking for similar help. 

I'll end up with 9 separate zones, 6 of them will be purely for audio, 3 will have TVs associated.   TVs will have sound bars and B&W CCM663s serving as surrounds or pure audio if no TV on, inclusive of all rooms beyond 2 outdoor zones.   All speakers are wired into a network cabinet.

I like the appeal of ease of use with Sonos, but am curious if there are better hifi options out there that offer the same or similar ease of use & interoperability.

A bit of a wrinkle is I'll also have a nice record player with a McIntosh preamp that I want to integrate into the system to be able to play in the room of my choosing.  The record has it's own separate set of tower speakers which will be the  primary listening source.   I know with Sonos I can use the port to accomplish this.

Can't help but wonder if there's a better option though that will give me better sound at a cheaper price than buying 9 sonos amps.  There is no scenario where I'll be using all 9 channels at the same time, but the ability to pick & choose which zone gets sound is key.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!