HI all, getting a VPI classic 4. it is capable of having 2 arms., For  turntables that have more than one arm are multiple phone preamps needed for this kind of set up?. Any suggestions what others have done for this situation., thanks
Coolest setup I have made is this one - each cartridge feeds a separate Olympia PXi phono preamp which in turn goes through a selector switch before going to the preamp.

This is one cool setup :-)

The table is currently fitted with 2 each SMEV12 and one SME 312S all gold-plated versions, Cartridges are Lyra Atlas, Lyra Olympos SL and Clear Audio  Goldfinger V2.

Good listening

thanks for the help all, Manley steelhead looks like it would work pretty good., 
Zesto Tessera is another - my dealer sells them if you want to talk with him.  I'd get the Zesto once I get 2 arms on my VPI Avenger.
While using one phono preamp with multiple inputs is great (and is what I do at present) others swear by optimizing the phono preamp to the needs of the cartridge driving it -- so for your mono arm you can use a dedicated mono phono stage such as this

I have two arms and am just adjusting my setup with the use of a step up stage which I have specified to have two inputs and the ability to switch between them, the phono stage I am moving to is a straight through single input design with 40dB of gain only so needs a step up