Multiple DVD Players

Is there a way to hook up multiple DVD players to a TV or preamp? Like half a dozen?

My Samsung TV has only two video inputs. My Harman Kardon Citation 25 preamp has two "VCR" inputs and two "A/V" inputs. This should give me the ability to hook up 4 DVD players but what if I want more? Or am I wrong?

Maybe this is simply answered but I want to make sure I don't misunderstand something or goof it up. Besides, it very well could help others who are new at this stuff.

Why 6 DVD players? Well, this is for retirement. I'm planning ahead.

I want to load up 6 vintage TV shows on DVD's and change them out once a week or so, not every time I want to watch something different.



I put all my DVDs on my network server and can both find and watch any dvd at any time. That said, I’ve recently moved into watching non English dramas and movies and no longer think to watch old DVDs.

I hope that this is taken as a constructive alternative. This has the added advantage of storing years of family videos and 75K+ images on redundant drives that are then backed up to a second network server. The servers were an early retirement project.

Just buy two 5-Disc DVD changers. Waste of money to buy six DVD players! You did know that DVD changers have been available for ages?

I do appreciate the constructive and civil posts from both of you.

Maybe after retirement I too will have my own servers and such. Right now though I will continue to work almost 60 hours a week so that I  will have a nice retirement.  It doesn't leave a lot of spare time for such projects. Fortunately I enjoy my job and like going to work.


 No, I wasn't aware of DVD changers,  will look into those. Like I said, I am a very busy person so it's almost impossible to keep up on such things. I have made it a point recently to make more time for hobbies though,  that's why I  joined Audiogon. 99% of the people on here are polite, informative and helpful.  I  do appreciate it. 

sony makes dvd changers which play as many as 400 dvds (you can find 'em for less that $200 on ebay)--all the other mass market manufacturers (pioneer, onlyo, etc.) have changers that will play 5-6 discs, also available really cheaply.