Multiple DVD Players

Is there a way to hook up multiple DVD players to a TV or preamp? Like half a dozen?

My Samsung TV has only two video inputs. My Harman Kardon Citation 25 preamp has two "VCR" inputs and two "A/V" inputs. This should give me the ability to hook up 4 DVD players but what if I want more? Or am I wrong?

Maybe this is simply answered but I want to make sure I don't misunderstand something or goof it up. Besides, it very well could help others who are new at this stuff.

Why 6 DVD players? Well, this is for retirement. I'm planning ahead.

I want to load up 6 vintage TV shows on DVD's and change them out once a week or so, not every time I want to watch something different.



Like @toddsyr and a few others here I also still play DVDs, and CDs, too. I have a fantastic local library system that has an extensive DVD collection, including content that isn't available on streaming. A combo CD/DVD player doesn't have to take much space in your rack.

Wow. Six DVD players, VCR inputs?

It's like watching "Back to the Future".

I believe the reason you can't find a solution is because the world has moved on and there is no profit to be made in outdated technology.


To be clear, when I said I had a "fantastic local library system," I meant a public library, where discs can be borrowed for free. That's a great resource for me and good reason to keep a disc player in my system. 

Reading comprehension is important Tony. More than one solution has been offered.

Cleeds, I knew what you meant. Your post was very clear. Another thing to consider too, try and take a server to a friend's house to watch a movie or listen to music.