Multiple DVD Players

Is there a way to hook up multiple DVD players to a TV or preamp? Like half a dozen?

My Samsung TV has only two video inputs. My Harman Kardon Citation 25 preamp has two "VCR" inputs and two "A/V" inputs. This should give me the ability to hook up 4 DVD players but what if I want more? Or am I wrong?

Maybe this is simply answered but I want to make sure I don't misunderstand something or goof it up. Besides, it very well could help others who are new at this stuff.

Why 6 DVD players? Well, this is for retirement. I'm planning ahead.

I want to load up 6 vintage TV shows on DVD's and change them out once a week or so, not every time I want to watch something different.



What's wrong with playing Dvd's, and owning a DVD player? I don't get some people....I have over a thousand Dvd/bluray/4k movies.... 


There is nothing wrong with your desire to play multiple DVDs.  Yes, as some have suggested, DVD changers may be perfect solution for you.

We service aging audio/video gear and see lots of CD/DVD players in the shop.  Keep in mind that these devices have a finite life span.  The laser ages and gets weaker, and the "sled" develops some play in it.  This combination makes it more difficult for read those tiny little pits on the physical media.

Its kinda like trying to hit the little target in the urinal with a weaker stream that you can't hold as steady as you used to.

Good luck with your retirement.  My average work week was 75 hours.  I get the leasure time thing.  Enjoy.