Munich High End Show Report 2023 !

Clarisys Audio is going to be the Munich High End Show in Room E107 with Soulution ! 😎


WOW.. REAL SHOCKER the "PROAC K-1's" was the best Monitor speakers at Munich 2023 beating out the Highly Highly Raved TAD Monitors that all the Audio Reviewers say are the Holy Grail of all Monitors ! 

While I can agree ProAc speakers sounded nice, I was  astounded by the Devore's o baby. Those speakers present the music in a beautiful manner, they were so engaging, inviting ... really big applause to John Devore


New Dali Epicore 11 at $40K but will cost more here in the USA.. Very 3D Sounding !😲

I like these better than the bigger $120K Dali Kore Flagship speakers ! Real Shocker

More info on these speakers here

Almost all of the YouTube reviewers show the same rooms and equipment. I feel that they are passing up some hidden nuggets in between these cost no object rooms. I would like to see more variety, something that the average person would consider buying.