Muse 18 VS. Genesis 900 Sub

Which one is best for both music and movies? Need your advice please if you have heard both. Thank you for your reply. Rick
Get real. FYI, the Muse Eighteen has been DISCONTINUED, and we don't have any (not new, demo, or used). I own one personally, and it's not for sale (nit until Muse offers a replacement, which will be no time soon). As you haven't listened to the Muse, I have owned one for several years, along with several G900s (and several other subs, such as: REL, Entec, Kinergetics, etc). Soliciting sales on a forum (?), yeah, right. I think the 500+ listings we have on the net will suffice. Sorry (?) this is just honest advice based on a lot of experience. FYI, we would make more on the Genesis!
Is HelloHiFi saying the Muse is better than the Genesis. I couldn't tell but I did infer that he prefered the Muse since he is holding on to his personal sub. The question is: If Muse is so good, why is production stopped ? Crazy audiophiles like myself will pay anything for quality, even $2000 for a powercord. Oh, my psychiatrist wants me to discuss my "need" for such cords. What do I tell him ?
The Muse sub is being discontinued becuase it costs to much to produce. In 9 years of production the price went up about 12%, while other products have MORE than doubled. If you're willing to pay "$2000" for a sub, you'll have a problem with this one since it retails for $3450. It's replcement will be around $6,000. Yes, they will be producing another sub, but an updated version with several incredible features. Improving on perfection.