Music Direct and my recent exoeriences

I have a lot of respect for Audio Advisor with Thousands in purchases all have been perfect, professional and resulted with a very happy Audiophile.

My first component was a Marantz CD63SE when I was a college Sophmore and it changed my world and perspective on this brilliant hobby. The only problem is people during the procurement process. Promises not kept. Documentation and Boxes advertised but not provided et AL.

So I tried several times to procure a new Amplifier Amongst many greats including Meridian, Conrad Johnson and McIntosh.

So after a lot of disappointment and flat out liars or pathetic fast talking sales people I decided on Music Direct. We had issues with Cary supposedly drop shipping in a week only for a month to go by and NOTHING...waiting on capacitors was the answer. ROCKO and DAN did a solid to work with me after myn5 week wait. For an upcharge they got me the Levinson 532H in record time and I am still in love...attached to my McIntosh D150, Esoteric SACD, McIntosh MCD301 I wanted the Jolida fusion F 360 but it turned out to be the cheapest most poorly made component I have ever purchased. Day one the Haptic Touch On-Off-Standby button should be an analogies physical button. Instead I get a POS virtual button that loops amongst Standby-Off and then On but only for milliseconds. Poor electronics and poor design. GOING WITH A Bel Conto Pre5 or a Benchmark LA4 or maybe a Rotel Michi and hoping Rocco and Dan will continue their great service, take my feedback as a EE and Computer Data Scientist and get rid of that poorly executed JoLida ICE product line..sounds good but onlynfor a few days...hats off to Music Direct they literally did everything to make me satisfied but now I have to return the Jolida and hopefully they will continue to work with me. Much respect gentlemen and they are a class act if your looking for great gear, yet, I am still saddened about all the 10 plus audiophile stores I could visit on Woodward in Detroit just 15 years ago. Music Direct is the next best virtual thing to that tangible experience. Keep up the great work.
I have dealt online with AA only a couple of times --no problems.

I just completed my first deal with MD a week or so ago. Check it out re/negotiating. MD posts listings on Reverb-- Open box Wharfedale EVO 4.3 for 1250 including shipping I think it was. I offered $1k including shipping. (paid tax of course)   Retail is  $1598

They accepted and received very fast and appear brand new and sound great. Wanted to check out what the dome mid range chatter is all about. MD does do deals. What prompted me to offer $1k is they had a white pair scratch and dent on their site for $999 and figured I’ll offer $1k for the black pair open box on Reverb.. I think that they do this to increase sales and speakers were not open box. After all, all this gear is marked up pretty good.
I've bought gear from Music Direct - I think they're fine; never had any problems and everything arrived as it should when it should. I've also bought used gear from the Music Room, and I've been happy with them as well...
MD has been great for me.  But, I live in Chicago so always pick up there.  If you do that they will save you a few bucks.  Tax and a little more.  Basically, what it costs them to ship I imagine.  They have a pretty extensive used vinyl area with some good prices on b stock mo-fi stuff.  You have to call ahead and talk to Rob.

But, they are not a traditional brick and mortar dealer.  They do have a couple of nice demo rooms with some great gear set up.  Unfortunately,  not for public use.  Or, at least regular shmoes like me.  Pretty sure if you wanted to spend big bucks on something they would do a demo for you.  ;-)

Highly recommended
I like Music direct , I go there personally to pick up my orders, One thing I like about them , they usually try to please their costumers. But they are not perfect , I know many guys there , 98 % of them are nice, Jim Davis the owner is very down to earth.When I make big purchases. I do prefer MD because I can talk to them personallh if something goes wrong.
If you ask for discounts?They will to works it out. But you have to ask though. I like their open box sale.