Music for Riding a Storm Out?

bout to sit down to 48rs in the house, located in west houston.

unfortunately i keep thinking of REO Speedwagon "Ridinng the Storm Out", but God they suck.

Maybe some Doors, good mood music. Once it passes, I'll probaby put on some mid 60 beatles. Anything I should consider?

(got ray charles on for now, probably go to something else now that a purty day is starting to get ugly)

Definitely "Riders on the Storm" the Doors. Something about that song is adventurous and ominous at the same time. I'll say an extra prayer for you and your fellow East Texans tonight.
I am going to try to explain this as best I can: posting a thread about
what songs to listen to while riding out a hurricane expresses a childish,
flippant attitude about a subject that could not be more serious, and is
disrespectful of the people who are trying their best to survive, and to
help others survive, a very dangerous event.

My elderly, ailing parents live a mile from the beach on the east coast of
central Florida, and had to evacuate three times last fall due to powerful
hurricanes. One of my closest friends from high school lives in Tupelo,
and just spent two weeks on the Mississippi coast with a chainsaw,
trying to help friends stand up after Katrina. Another close friend of
mine living in Miami Beach in 1992 went to Kendell, south of Miami,
because Andrew was predicted to hit near Ft. Lauderdale. He spent six
hours in a bathroom at the center of the house, and at the end, only he
and the bathroom remained. There are close to a million people
displaced by Katrina and 1,000+ dead. People have been and will be
killed by Rita.

In short, I find your thread to be an example of yahoo-ism at best, but
mostly, just plain offensive (although your flailing self-justifications do
not lack for comedy).
Raquel writes:
and is disrespectful of the people who are trying their best to survive
I understand some aspects of your post (although I struggle to agree with you) but you go too far with this comment.