Music for toddlers and parents?

AS my daughter reached 20 months, she gets actively interested not only in switching my McIntosh-amps, but in listening to music, too. As the mother does rarely allow my former Mahler to ZZ Top-regime - what decent music is there that small children like, but will not let me want to hang myself, too?
Florian Hassel
my 4 y.o. daughter and i enjoy raffi quite a bit. the material is generally well recorded and produced, the songs are just long (or short, depending on your perspective) enough, and (imho) singing silly songs together is a great bonding experience. classic stuff.

i was also pleasantly surprised to find that a few of the discs we have from the late 70s were recorded by none other that daniel lanois (with him noted to be playing pedal steel guitar on one entitled "more singable songs").
Sara Hickman has some nice CDs made for both kids and parents that I have listened to extensively with my kids and given as gifts over the years - check out her website.
They Might Be Giants has some cool kids stuff out too!
I'll second Sara Hickman, but also check out Trout Fishing in America. great music great writing. Start with the kids stuff and work your way up.

Rockaway Baby! has lullabies of major artists, NIN to Tool to the Stones. I am very fond of the Radiohead disc.
When my son was about 16 months old, I played Beethoven's 5th paino concerto for him, he loved it, loud.

What's wrong with Mahler and ZZ Top? I guess it depends, are you trying to "raise" kids or "lower" parents? Just a thought...........

Never did understand parents who give up the New York Times for Barney DVD's .........