Music for "Tough Times"

When you're feeling lousy, or maybe just had a tough day, what one LP, CD, tape, etc. do you play to make you feel better? In my case it's Cowboy Junkies CD "The Caution Horses". Margo Timmins voice is at once soft and soothing, but also haunting and immediate. This is music that I can get lost in. What music do others use on occasions like this?
Dwight Yoakum's "Hillbilly Deluxe" is always a good start for me. I can then either move on up and out to some more honky tonk, or just get down and wallow in it with the likes of Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, etc.

If I'm really out of sorts, I just start out with Billie Holiday and blues it out.

And finally, if it's one of those "I hate my job, my boss is a blithering idiot, the company sucks, the drive home was a screamer before I even left the parking lot AND the cat ripped the grills on the speakers" kinda days, well - Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Everclear, and the Sex Pistols usually get me right. There's no hope for the cat, though!

I don't know if this falls under the "hair of the dog" category, but Bob Dylan is who I always turn to when I reach this level of down. Fortunately, it hasn't been more than a few times. I find belting out the tunes to be incredibly cathartic. The next day, I am usually fine.
Just about anything by Mozart does the trick for me; specially the wind concerti. After all, it's the only music that causes my pet bird to sing along (no kidding). Quick pick-me-up. Although I find that it's not always a specific composer but the performer that has that elusive "happy vibe". In a different vein, some of the jazz artists that have that happy feeling are Oscar Peterson, Ella, Tony Bennet, CANNONBALL ADDERLY, Zoot Sims and specially Louis Armstrong. If Louis doesn't put a smile on your face; get professional help immediately! If all else fails: Spike Jones.
End of relationship - Billie Holiday "Lady in Satin". Existential crisis - Bach's "Cello Suites". Looking for Salvation - Coltrane, " A Love Supreme". Angry at the world - The Clash, "London Calling" or "Black Market Clash".