Music for "Tough Times"

When you're feeling lousy, or maybe just had a tough day, what one LP, CD, tape, etc. do you play to make you feel better? In my case it's Cowboy Junkies CD "The Caution Horses". Margo Timmins voice is at once soft and soothing, but also haunting and immediate. This is music that I can get lost in. What music do others use on occasions like this?
During the tough times--of which there have been a few lately--I find myself retreating into the music of Badfinger. It's my solace and my shelter.
Dionne Warwick singing thoese Hal David, Burt Bachrach penned tunes from the 60s when Dionne's voice was so so so precious. Also the soundtrack music from the 'RED VIOLIN' and any Lightnin' Hopkins or Sigur Ros lp. In blue times they all help keep me together.
To really wallow in the misery try Gorecki "symphony No3", "symphony of sorrowful songs". Hauntingly sad and the vocals are amazing.
Talking Heads "Speaking in Tongues" , Little Feat "Feats Dont Fail me Now", Cibo Mato "Stereo Type A" ,Early Eek A Mouse puts me in better frame of mind every time