Music for "Tough Times"

When you're feeling lousy, or maybe just had a tough day, what one LP, CD, tape, etc. do you play to make you feel better? In my case it's Cowboy Junkies CD "The Caution Horses". Margo Timmins voice is at once soft and soothing, but also haunting and immediate. This is music that I can get lost in. What music do others use on occasions like this?
For the down times, Rainy days & Mondays, The Carpenter's. Also, Rickie Lee Jones (all) seem to get me back on track. Then if that don't do it.. Some Steely Dan.
Social Distotion, "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"..

It does the body good..

Alvin and the chipmunks are pretty cheerful. I am listening to it right now and things couldn't get any better!
Just hit upon Kinky Friedman...some of his stuff is hilarious...especially werhe he sings about that guy hitting the hardwood floor, deep down in Texas in some bar...
'Everything is Beautiful' by Ray Stevens.

i was sooooo down monday evening, and this song really enlightened me to the fact things aren't so bad. it's a decent recording, too.

it just made me feel "GOOD" ---- ya know ? ?? ?