Music for "Tough Times"

When you're feeling lousy, or maybe just had a tough day, what one LP, CD, tape, etc. do you play to make you feel better? In my case it's Cowboy Junkies CD "The Caution Horses". Margo Timmins voice is at once soft and soothing, but also haunting and immediate. This is music that I can get lost in. What music do others use on occasions like this?
Just hit upon Kinky Friedman...some of his stuff is hilarious...especially werhe he sings about that guy hitting the hardwood floor, deep down in Texas in some bar...
'Everything is Beautiful' by Ray Stevens.

i was sooooo down monday evening, and this song really enlightened me to the fact things aren't so bad. it's a decent recording, too.

it just made me feel "GOOD" ---- ya know ? ?? ?
Andreas Vollenweider's "Drown in Pale Light" off the "Down to the Moon" album always seems a potent adjunct therapy for that last 2 hours or so when "Am I or am I not?" finally coming out of a 2 day migraine. Most anything by Black Sabbath for a variety of garden variety insults/broken hearts, etc;.....Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale" and Supertramp's "Take the Long Way Home" are both good for that nagging vague-existential-angst and Zappa's "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gasmask" (Weasels Ripped My Flesh) is ideal, inserted unexpectedly into the middle of any "Romantic Interludes" type mix, for clearing the premises of various committment-nagging tragediennes...