Music Lovers! Unite in helping Ukraine!

We are fortunate to live in countries that allow us to pursue financial success. I believe most of us on here has attained that to a degree that we are living relatively comfortably.

The Russian military is beginning to utilize all the massive firepower at its disposal. Since their offensive has bogged down, they are changing tactics. Their new tactic is to surround a city and shell it indiscriminately, inflicting as much human misery as possible. A rocket, missile and artillery shell doesn’t care if you are a soldier, old woman, or an infant. Neither does Putin.

When they unleash it like they did in Syria, it will be a humanitarian catastrophe not seen since the Second World War. Death and destruction on a massive scale.

Please, consider giving to a charitable organization to help.

We have so much. Give some of it to whom it will literally make a difference between living and dying. You will be saving a life. A life of someone loved. Just as you love.

This is the charity I used, but there are several more of your choice. International Red Cross, Save the Children, CARE, to name a few.

Please, let’s all do what we can to help.


I have not read all the posts here, but I am calling on Upscale Audio, The Tube Depot and other sellers of audiophile vacuum tubes to stop purchasing any additional stock of Russian made tubes. I am calling all audiophile colleagues to get assurances that any tubes they purchase were not obtained by the vendor since the Ukraine Invasion. #BoycottRussianTubes

@ghasley  these war criminals have been mocking the population near the Russian border for 8 years - they got everyone and now they decided to destroy them ... this has been happening for several days - and there is so much screeching ... They know that they will be judged (they will not be forgiven) - by this is why they hide behind the backs of civilians ... they are real terrorists


@jerryg123  Don’t understand why it’s removed when YouTube clearly doesn’t have any issue showing some traitors in our country.

Just read up on them over on Wikipedia and an article at The Guardian. Lots of alt right neo-Nazis that were their own entity but incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard, which means not all of them are, just that group.

As for the last 8 years, that aligns with when Russia seized those territories that were not theirs to begin with and put their people in charge of everything and then claiming it was always Russians who lived there. One can see why they object to them for being occupiers all this time so Putin would have a reason to invade and seize more territory, which is exactly what he's doing.

Quite the mess but this has been gone over in the press all the time while it's happened and now we have a name for some of the fighters defending Ukraine, the Azov. Bad as they are, letting Putin in to slaughter everyone else is not the answer and wrong for a reason to hide behind. 

As for fake videos and data, care to point any of them out?

All the best,