Music Reccommendations??

Hello all
I have a pretty wide variety of musical tastes, finding good rock and rap is easy, good industrial can be tough at times to find, not too into classical that much.

I really like blues. Recently i got a DVD-Audio recording of Eric Clapton & BB King's "Riding with the king"
Fantastic music, i absolutly fell in love with it.

I'm looking for reccommendations for Blues. What im trying to find is not only good albums, but albums that were recorded very well.
Anybody know any good Harmonica Blues recordings?

Also, another type of music im trying to find, my woman is a massage therapist, and she is looking for new music that would be appropriate in that type of setting.
I heard some Zam-Fir Pan Flute type of stuff at a high end audio store that they were using to audition a rowley amp and some Rel speaks, need to find out what that was.

Anything that sounds real good, and is soothing?
Try Muddy Waters "Folk Singer". Despite the name it is a blues album, an acoustic blues album. A very good recording. Get it in the DAD format if you can (since you seem to have a dvd player). The resolution is exceedingly good, especially for an older recording.

For blues, any of the most recent Etta James recordings are very good I think. Also, Sam McClain XRCD "Given it up For Love" (or any of his), Alot of the Robert Cray releases are good; Sweet Potato Pie, Midnight Stroll, I Was Warned, Some Rainy Night, Strong Persuader on MFSL. Eric Clapton "Unplugged". Some suggestions anyway.

If you like Chicago blues, then Buddy Guy's hyper-electric "Sweet Tea" is amazing (you can clearly see where Jimmy Hendrix got his chops from). Buddy's latest is acoustic, and is just as "essential" listening."