Music Reference RM200 or David Berning ZH270?

I am interested in both of these amps. Has anyone out there heard both of them before? The associated equipment that I would be using is Gallo Nuclius Reference speakers (88db efficiency), Supratek Syrah preamp, Granite Audio 650 CD player, MIT 330 and TG Audio IC's and MIT 750 plus speaker cable. Can anyone tell me the differences in these two amps, or your expriences with them?
Check archives April 2002 for a excellent review.Easy on tubes and reliable/problem free as all MR products.Fast Neutral sound.I own 4 Music Reference products and highy reccomend them all.Great buy used on this site.Any specific ?'s ?Haven't heard the D Bering..JD
All, I can say is that there is NOTHING even close to the Berning in its price range. Just heard the Berning running Merlin speakers at the Montreal show, and it was awesome. The Berning is an absolutely neutral amp, that shows what ever else is in the chain, whether it be good or bad. If you would like more info you can contact Allan at he knows more about the berning than anybody(besides David himself). I cannot say enough good things about the 270, I totally changed the way I listen to music. Good luck.
I agree with JD about the Music Reference products but the Berning ZH270 would be my first choice. You may never feel the need for another amp for many moons. Mr. Berning's amps are among the best in sound and reliability. No need to say more. Kriskosiba said it all so well.
I apologize, I supplied an incorrect e-mail address. For all those interested in contacting Allan, his E-mail address is
I can't comment on the Music Reference but it has gotten high marks by most listeners and appears to be a very good value at its price point.

Now the Berning is something quite different from most tube designs in that is sounds more like a ss amp in the bass because into an 8 ohm load at full power it goes down to almost DC which no other tube amp to my knowledge does. What you get is clean, articulate bass much like a ss amp. So in many respects, especially at the price point, the Berning is really alone. The midrange is an area where there are many fine performers and this would be a matter of taste but the Berning again has an advantage in the respect that you have three feedback settings to adjust for the impedance characteristics of the speaker as well as the amount of resonance preferable to you.

The thing that is so notable about the Berning that I haven't heard from any but much more expensive tube amps is in clarity. It resolves space across the board better than just about any amp in my experience. Transients are clearly resolved along with low level information from top to bottom. This you get along with the warmth and presence of tubes.

So Slowhand, I'm not going to say that you will like one better than the other because I don't know what is the most important aspect of sound reproduction to you and I haven't heard the Music Reference. What I will say is that in this price and power range the Berning is a "must hear" product for ANYONE considering any amp, ss or tube. It is quite special and a radical approach in amplifier design.