Music Reference RM9 - user comments please

I am considering of getting a used RM9 for my Merlin-TSM, can any user of the amp comments.
Thanks guys for the feedback. Having 8 power tubes in the mk1 do make me consider. It will be rather costly to replace 2 sets of quad pairs of tubes. While still waiting for Bobby's reply on the amp, keep hunting.
I just purchased a pair of maggies 2.7 2 weeks ago. I had own the 1.6 speaker for over 1 year. I have a CJ MV125 amp. 125 watts of power this puts out. Do you think I have enough power to drive these speakers? The RM 9 my friend owns with ProAc speakers. A good sound he gets. Do you still own the maggies 3A? Please respond. Thanks marv
I used to have the 1.6/RM9 combo. The music reference drove the maggies superbly in my 16X26 room. The 1.6s have long been gone, but the RM9 is still the anchor in my system.

I've had the original RM-9 for ten years. No problems whatsoever. I concur with the above posts but think that the KT-88 is way better sounding than the EL-34 or 6550. Buy one, you'll probably own it for life.