Music Reference Tube Amp Question


I was trying to adjust the setting of my RM9 cardas speaker binding post settings from 4 ohm to 8 ohm to try some new speakers on it.

Was having difficulty threading one of the red terminal posts off but it did come off. It appears to have been soldered on at bottom and was not meant to be moved ?

I am assuming this amp was modified by a previous owner?

Are the factory speaker posts easily adjusted?

Can anyone confirm this for me. thank you.
Strongly recommend you call or email Roger Modjeski himself. He has always been very forthcoming regarding his designs and how to deal with them.
Thx Rpfef - Call and email went out earlier to him - thought I would ask here.

It has been modified with WBT binding posts at the 0 and 4 ohms settings. The 2 and 8 post settings are original.

The one post will need to reinforced - I probably loosened it up.

Hopefully with the bottom removed the wires can be accessed fairly easil that connect to the speaker posts to have the tech add some solder to the one post ?

Its an amazing amp - reviews I read are all true.